Saturday, 7 May 2011


Long Live McQueen...

Over a year has gone by since the late great Alexander McQueens tragic death yet his brand has been streamed around the world once again on levels perhaps only he could imagine...Almost 3 BILLION people tuned into watch the Royal Wedding and Yes the beautiful Princess Catherine Middleton wowed the world with her incredible Sarah Burton for McQueen wedding gown:

Kate looked breath takingly gorgeous... I was only intending to watch the wedding to see her dress but I was captivated and ended up watching the whole thing! It was such a magical day and her dress was a fantastic tribute to McQueen. Its exquisite hand-embroidered and appliquéd intricate lacework on the bodice was mind blowingly delicate and beautiful - incorporating individual, hand-cut and embroidered flowers representing the rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock. Consquently there was a massive emphasis on creating
a fairytale worthy, beautiful, elegant and British gown using 'best of British' designers, designs and materials and boy did there hardwork pay off...

The gorgeous Pippa Middleton also wore McQueen and looked utterly fabulous in a simple, elegant ivory gown, with a cowl front and with the same button detail and lace trim as the bridal gown:

I think McQueen would be massively proud of his girl Sarah Burton as she quite honestly did the most BEAUTIFUL job and left most of Britain in awe and teary eye'd at her hard, intricate and outstanding hardwork.

All of this best of British-ness and Patriotic vibe got me thinking about McQueen and what an incredible, innovative brand it is. The brand is constantly in demand, creating trends, leading fashion and leading the fashion world into new innovative ways of streaming high fashion to the masses. People love McQueen as its exciting, mysterious and majorly Patriotic. McQueen makes people proud to be British as its a world wide major fashion brand from humble beginnings, one man and his vision. From a holographic Kate Moss being beamed up and shining through a giant pyramid in Alexanders 2006 show no one thought such an iconic vision would ever be achievable:

To Gaga rocking his looks in her music videos (Bad Romance and consquently crashing his website) to beaming his show live on youtube in the form of a huge scale recreation of Atlantis, holograms, sea aliens, robot cameras and thousands of celebrities wanting a piece of McQueen slung around the necks to be the height of cool:

 McQueen has always been an innovative presence in fashion, doing theatrical big shows, audience pleasing, media catching, unthinkable things to change the way people see fashion and to make it more accessable:

"It all comes down to the fact that I don't advertise, so shows are really just self promotion...Not everyone reads Vogue, but a lot more have the internet...So I have to put all of that budget into shows. And they can start paying for themselves no, thanks to the streaming: they can actually start directly getting people shopping...It means I'm giving everyone a front row at home. Getting rid of the elitism of Paris and that old system."

McQueen was massively forward thinking and wanted to get his designs out there around the world, represting his country and designing for people and showcasing his shows all over the Globe making it accessable and in demand. I'd like to think he would be massively proud that his legacy has now been showcased around the world on the body of a princess...talking of crowns thats where I like to wear my McQueen round my head like a crown ;)

Yes Alexander your vision captivated me too...after watching the Royal Wedding I had a sneaky trip to Selfridges and left with another little piece of McQueen for myself...I thank yaa x

and get yourself a piece of the magic and the scarf boutique...:)


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