Thursday, 27 January 2011

I've got a friend...that shows me all the good times...

I've got a friend. That shows me all the good times and her name is Sedge...

A grunge style queen. We bonded over a mutual love of a ridiculous amount of things and became overly excited, only for her to whip out her beautiful purse to buy a two technicolor iceteas... 'Balenciaga?' I said...'NIIIICE' her response 'As if you new?!' and from then on we never looked back. From sharing battered leather jackets to fist fulls of silver and precious stones, headbands tied tight around big messy hair and lace cycle shorts poking out of oversize vintage Nirvana tshirts, we've shared such incredible times we find ourselves hugging so tight we even join at the knees.

It only seemed right to blog this beautiful picture because 1, I saw it on her blog first, 2 it combines a style we love mutually so much, 3 an incredible Balenciaga is featured, and 4 I am missing her tons at the moment:

Kira in Elle Turkey looks incredible...I personally would swap the leggings for some leather T's though.

Unreal 3.1 Phillip Lim Jacket, I want and NEED

SUCH a cute bag. Balenciaga mini Pom Pom, yes please!
Love Sacha

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