Monday, 24 January 2011

Lifes Little (leather) Luxuries

2010 for me (Sacha) was aaaaall about life experiences over cloth...being double gap yah-er it was all about holidays, memories, moments and brilliant stories to tell, laugh and love. (Wendy still managed to be the most Mulberry clad 'poor' student I have ever come across haha)

HOWEVER 2011 is now the career year. Having landed a pretty intense corporate job, the freespirited wild child has been put in a suit and with a sudden and unusual monthly wage coming in...

True to form, Wendy and I took a termly lunch and shopping trip to Birmingham before she went back to uni and I started work, and my oh my did we manage to spend my first weeks wage before I had even started.

I walked into COS and fell in love with the most perfect tight-as-a-glove soft as a petal beautiful Leather a wahooooping £225 i would NEVER usually shell out on a pair of trousers, but Wendy too was won over (bad influence) as soon as i slipped them on. After a sneaky text picture to my mom and Sedge, the deal was done. 'There an investment Sacha, not just a regular purchase...' and that they were not. In the current climate this is just what we want not a faddy fashion statement, not 10 items of things we won't ever wear, one piece that we will treasure and re-wear until they are peeled off my legs..

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