Thursday, 3 February 2011

Far Eastern Movement

Sat at work today, gazing out of the window. I watched bundles of people braced against the blustery winds, hunched over, wrapped in coats and scarves shielding them from the icy temperatures. My mind was far far away dreaming of the dry, still, blazing heat...


This time last year I had gone to visit my cousin Tiffany who was living in Dubai... and boy have I been reminiscing about and wanting to return every single day this week...

Warm, Purple, Hazy skies at dusk. Thick, sandy, heated air and the general excited yet on-edge scrict vibe in the atmosphere makes Dubai such an incredible and interesting country. I am so glad to have visited and left with many unforgetable memories...

From the contrasting cultures around; extreme differences from wealth and landscape from incredibly western built up cities, to miles and miles of baron deserts. Dubai is truly a place you have to visit...even if its only to ride a camel....:D

Big Love to cousin Wiffers, miss you x

All photos are taken by and belong to me Sacha <3

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