Friday, 4 February 2011

'Oh Sachaaa I wanna go Surfing...'

Oh Mammaaa I wanna go Surfing...

After recieving a message off a friend this week with the words: 'Oh Sacha I wanna go Surfing' Many memories sprung STRAIGHT back in my mind from an incredible summer...(The Drums tune, STILL remains my ringtone in the depths of winter...)

From jumping into the choppy Welsh seas with a gang of friends and a bundle of boards, to surfing the big sleek warm waves alongside Turtles with Wendy in Barbados. Surfing holds a pretty good place in my heart :) So stubbling upon these beautiful images again seems quite fitting...From Vogue 2006 Corinne Day's (RIP) stunningly cool 'A girl from Oz' images bring a smile to my face on a very crisp February afternoon....summer dreams.... <3

Sacha :)

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