Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Fists full o' treasures


Big rings and fist fulls of gold, silver, metal, diamonds, gems and precious stones are something myself and pretty much ALL of my friends love <3

...and after many requests of where I actually source my rings and what rings I like and my future/dream buys I thought a blogging dedication was well overdue...

This is my friend Sedge and my fists at London Fashion Week...we struggled to find spare fingers when trying on the Pamela Love collection..many of our rings pictured here especially all of the diamond ones are individually made by boutique jewellers for birthdays..13th, 16th, 18th, premature 21st diamonds...
The big purple one (I LOVE) is Sedges YSL masterpiece and the big one in the centre is mine sourced from a vintage market in Dubai, so I like to think it was once owned by some cool arabian night...the big cross and black stone are from good old Topshop...

Have some incredible rings on there sight and are popular with blogging queen Rumi ala Fashion Toast, I recommend checking those bad boys out...and with Abi Lee modelling there current campaign there gonna be pretty sweet hay?
Many of the rings above are sourced from the AMAZING collection of PAMELA LOVE 
(Rumi from Fashion Toast Pic)
This is a recent behind the scenes shoot from my dear friend Elmo for her magazine Bambi
Most of the rings are from the brilliant and reasonably priced high street store TOPSHOP

Eye catching prism rings by UNEARTHEN

Finally the beautiful Amethyst YSL jobby which Sedge treated herself to at christmas and what a worthwhile treat that was :)

Overall I like to find individual pieces to litter my fingers with, generally from globe trotting and buying glittering objects which catch my gaze..HOWEVER the links above are all absolute corkers and I would love some of the maniamania, pamela love and unearthen beauties and regularily pop into Topshop and Urban Outfitters and ASOS for quick bling fixes...

High Street stores tend to generally have a really good selection of BANG ON TREND rings for a fraction of the price of those all important and beautiful luxerious brands but will definately keep you satisfied until your next big milestone birthday...

WENDASHA team rocking urban outfitters ring-chain-bracelet cuffs and knuckledusters:

Knuckle Sandwich Love


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