Thursday, 3 March 2011

Wendasha did it way back in summer'10...

Sneaky shopping trip after LFW...Topshop to the left of me, Tube to the right....

Topshop was inevitable AND LOOK WHAT I DISCOVERED:

Rows and rows of military shirts....granted they'd been pimped up with a cheeky leather coller and belt and the price had certainly been tripled and quadrupled...

Good old Manchester Northern Quarter was where I sourced our original vintage bad boys for a crackkkking price and they were EXACTLY the same as the Topshop version... insane.

I often find, things/clothing I wear/test out for fancy dress (in this case we were the wild, the wonderful and the victorious Bounty Hunters: Warrior Wendawg and Slasha Von Sacha.) I actually end up wearing lots in real life...headbands..wetsuits (ha) crazy shoes, hippy dresses...maybe its true what they say....the fancy dress you pick is actually some inner character/alter ego you want to release, dear lord.

But its certainly a good way to test alternative styles than you wouldn't usually dare :) ps. Slutty nurse uniforms don't count...ew


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