Monday, 7 March 2011

Layla Lovaines Hidden Little Treasures...

On route to the seaside last week a little suprises kept popping up on my facebook newsfeed and my excited suspicions were confirmed when best-pal and blogging sensation Beswick got hot on the tail... 

Way back in spring last year, Stylist Sedge, Models: Elle McNamara, Sasha Seddon, Kate Rhys Jones and myself (Sacha), trundled down to Newport in the landrover and were to embark on the most magical and fun shoot to date at Coney Island...most of the pictures were unveiled way back last spring:

However....the amazingly talented photographer, with the amazingly beautiful name:

(Be sure to check some more of her beautiful work out!)
had kept a few hidden treasures to herself and finally released the hidden treasures this Spring :)

Here is some of her incredible work:

I absolutely LOVED working with Layla Lovaine and all of the girls <3

It was lovely to be reminded of such a fun and lovely day, despite the spots of april showers and whipping winds theres a lotta fun to be had in the spring on British beaches....ahh spring lovin'

Bad Ass Gals just chillin' on the Merry Go Round... ;)

Love Sacha

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