Monday, 7 March 2011

Gisele = Supermodel God

GISELE BUNDCHEN has ALWAYS and will ALWAYS be my all time favourite Supermodel.
(Yes I love Erin Wasson too with her quirky, chilled and top boyish ways.)
 Yet Gisele wins hands down as THE Supermodel. Her INCREDBILE Brazilian - Amazonian Figure is like no other... she stands head and shoulders above most mere mortals (lol!) yet instead of being scarily thin, she has a strong body, with a fantastic brazilian bottam, boobs and nice 'covering' over her long, elegant and lean limbs...

I like everything she stands for, a strong and beautiful woman with a lovely private family life and massive charity campaigner, what an angel!

Her latest campaign is literally jaw dropping gorgeous...that body, that thick glossy hair and trademark pout. Gisele you've done it again and confirmed your place in my ranks of TOP MODEL...

See what you think yourself as she poses for V Magazine #70 by Hedi Slimane:

Most recently she has posed as 'Wendy' for Annie Leibovitz Disney shoots (as previously posted by my besty Wendy aka its a bit of tribute to you too Wendawg!!! )


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